Manufacturing Consulting

It is core to our company that we remain proactive in quality improvement and waste reduction.
These areas always offer an opportunity to add directly to the bottom line.

Project Management

Above all we work in a clear and systematic way to create the most efficient use of time and resources for you, our client.

All of our engineers have hands-on experience with machinery as well as tooling tryout. We can assist your company from the initial product design through machine set up and try out. Our team always remains committed to saving you time and money.

During the initial consultation we will work to identify your needs and the role that Simons Consulting will play in meeting the goals of your organization.

Our role is up to you --- we can either be your Research Team or a full service Project Coordinator.

Research Team


In this capacity we meet with you to identify the major considerations for your project and options available to you.

We will ask all questions necessary to help us establish a clear picture of your company, it's current production environment and your goals for the future. If you have not done so already we will help you identify the parameters for the project including budget, time frame, logistics, etc. Once we have a clear picture of your goals we will research and identify options and present you with our recommendations. All data gathered and presented is then turned over to you for decision-making and implementation.

Project Coordinator

Provide specifications and recommendations
Follow through redesign, development, order of machinery
Installation and implementation

As your project coordinator we will with you to identify your needs, budget, time frames and manage your project through completion.

We will ask all questions necessary to help us establish a clear picture of your company, it's current production environment and your goals for the future. If you have not done so already we will help you identify the parameters for the project including budget, time frame, logistics, etc. Once we have a clear picture of your goals we will research and identify options available and make our recommendations on the best course of action for your company. Simons Consulting will remain with the project through purchase or redesign of equipment or production lines and tooling. We will be present through installation and implementation of new lines and assist your staff in tryout. We are also available to provide your employees with training necessary to maximize production levels and hold tolerances for new and existing lines.

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Product and Process Development

We work very closely with our clients to learn their business. We help improve our clients' knowledge of manufacturing and assembly to streamline their production process for increased efficiency to positively impact their bottom line.

We can act as a project engineer for development of process lines to produce specific parts or a family of parts.

Simons Consulting is also available for work on improvement expansions up to and including the procurement and installation of complete manufacturing facilities.

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Machine Design and Sourcing

If you are considering replacement of an existing line or need to add more equipment to your facility we can help. We can coordinate directly with your technical team to determine the need for new machinery or the possible reworking of existing equipment.  We are able to share with you the latest advancements in the equipment industry to improve your process and end product.

Rebuild of Existing Equipment

Simons Consulting has over 25 years experience troubleshooting equipment lines and can work with you to determine if your existing equipment can be tuned or rebuilt to serve the needs of your company while keeping costs and capital expenditures to a minimum.

Previously owned Equipment

We are part of a well-established network of professionals that are skilled at locating previously owned equipment if this suites your needs.

New Equipment Specification

Simons Consulting has experience dealing with many equipment manufacturers and can work with you to specify a new piece of equipment that will best suit your needs. We can work with you to develop specifications for your capital equipment purchases.

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Tooling Design and Sourcing

We can assist with design of tooling to fit with your existing or prospective production lines. Simons Consulting can work with your internal technical team on the interpretation of current prints or creation of new tooling specifications and drawing files.

Through many years in the industry we are able to provide you with a reputable and cost effective supplier for your tooling needs.

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Field Service and Troubleshooting

We work with our clients to help resolve manufacturing problems.

We are familiar with many of the normal problems that may occur while running a production line. This means we are able to quickly assess the situation and provide fixes or alternatives that result in a reduction of the total overall time you will spend and greatly reduce your down time.

It is important to us to stay current with technology advances and remain in regular contact with professionals across the industry from tool and die manufacturers to equipment companies.

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Performance Evaluation and Training

If you find that you lack consistency across your organization when it comes to productivity and quality of parts we can perform an evaluation of your facility. If inconsistencies are resulting from machine operator errors Simons Consulting can work with you to develop a customized training program for existing or new employees.

We offer our review services for Owners, CEOs, Boards, prospective buyers or where an outside set of eyes on the operation is wanted or required.

At Simons Consulting we believe the best results are achieved through developing a solid working relationship with our clients.

It is our goal to build the best possible affiliation with our clients. Different situations require different needs. We make ourselves available to fit your needs.

25 Years Experience in Roll Forming Technology - learn more

With over 25 years in the roll forming industry and close to 40 years experience in manufacturing environments we are able to share with our clients the latest advancements in equipment and tooling to improve your process and end product.

The Option is Yours

We strive to be available for you! You have several options when working with Simons Consulting LLC.


Project Contract

Simons Consulting LLC offers Project Contracts that can include a mutually agreed upon estimate of time and a commitment for the job. This option helps to establish the overall time table and budget for job as well as saving considerably over the base hourly rates.

Annual Contract

Many customers find that our expertise can be utilized in a number of areas throughout the company rather than one specific project.

If this sounds like your situation an Annual Contact can be established which establishes a commitment from us for a number of hours per year, secured through retainer.

As an added benefit we offer evaluations and reviews set on a timetable throughout the year through our Annual Contract. We can look at the overall effectiveness of your facility, production lines, quality control, scheduling, etc.

Have a question or want to learn more? email us today or call 574.566.2725 we look forward to hearing from you.

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